Who Runs VETA Neo?

Schools and churches deliver VETA Neo under a licensing arrangement with the national coordinating body, elev8 Youth Ltd. The Queen’s Badge Award is offered through an agreement with Boys Brigade, the custodians of the Award.

How does VETA Neo support the National Curriculum?

VETA Neo is an integrated unit of work, with assessment tools provided for National Curriculum standards in English, Personal and Social Capability and Critical and Creative Thinking.

Where does VETA Neo fit in the timetable?

VETA Neo can be delivered as a part of the student’s normal learning program or offered as an attractive extension. The minimum time required for meetings is one 60 minute period per week.

How many students can participate?

VETA Neo can be delivered to anything from two to 200 students. It is flexible and the VETA Neo team will work with your school to optimize student access.

How long does VETA Neo run?

The minimum commitment to VETA Neo is one year however it can run for the whole of a student’s secondary education. It takes a minimum of 3 years to complete the Queen’s Badge.

Is VETA Neo run by a particular denomination?

No. VETA Neo is cross-denominational. It has been developed and delivered by people from diverse denominations and backgrounds. It is flexible and may be run by people from a wide range of perspectives and theological convictions.

What does it cost?

An annual award registration fee of $50 per student is payable. Any additional costs for local delivery are the responsibility of the school and/or church.